This project aims to evaluate the pelagic fish resources in the Southeast Asian region in order to establish the sustainable management strategy for the pelagic fisheries. The transboundary fishes like mackerel, tuna and anchovies, which are the major targeted species chosen for this project based on the abundance of those species in the AMSs, require efficient fisheries management strategies of their stocks. This project also involves the genetic component of the targeted one pelagic species in the SEA region and is developing the life-history study of the targeted species through age determination analysis. The information on the life history of major neritic tunas in the region was uninvestigated in most of the AMSs.

MFRDMD is the responsible SEAFDEC Department for this project to manage and coordinate all project activities with the financial support from the Government of Japan (JTF). Brunei Darussalam,

This project corresponds to Resolution No. 10 of at the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Conference in 2011; strengthened knowledge/science-based development and management of fisheries through enhancing the national capacity in the collection and sharing of fisheries data and information.

Project Leader : Mohammad Faisal bin Md. Saleh (mohd_faisal[at]seafdec.org.my)
Wahidah binti Mohd Arshaad (wahidah[at]seafdec.org.my)
Annie Nunis Anak Billy(annie[at]seafdec.org.my)