Dr. Ahmad bin Ali
Gred: Jusa C
B. Sc (Fisheries), University Putra Malaysia (1985), M. Sc (Recreational Fishing) University Putra Malaysia (2001), PhD (Oceanography) Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (2015)
Dr. Masaya Katoh
B. Sc. (Marine Sciences), University of the Ryukyus M. Sc. (Marine Sciences), University of the Ryukyus Ph.D. (Zoology),Louisiana State University
Nor Hafiza Binti Abdullah
Assistant Administrative Officer
Gred: N32
Norwani binti Ab. Ghani
Secretary Office
Gred: N29
Mohd Nasir bin Muhammad Kasni
Assistant Engineer
Gred: JA29
Noor Azlina binti Ismail
Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Gred: N22 (KUP)
Haryati binti Harun
Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Gred: N19
Mohd Fadhli Mat Lazim
Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Gred: N19
Rosilah binti Senin
Customer Service Officer
Gred: N22 (TBBK)
Siti Rohani binti Jaafar
Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Gred: N19
Ismail Bin Elias
Gred: H14
Mohamed Rukhemei bin Abdul Hamid
Gred: H11
Mohd Zailu bin Sapiay
General Assistant
Gred: H14
Mohd Shafie bin Pak
Assistant Operation
Gred: N14
Ahmad Fairuz bin Mohamad
Gred: H11
Mohd Ridzuwan bin Rahim
Assistant Accountant
Gred: W29
Noor Sapuralisa Binti Zan
Administrative Assistant (Finance)
Gred: W22 (TBBK)
Wahidah binti Mohd Arshaad
Head of Biology & Resources Assessment Section
Gred: Q48
B. Sc. Molecular Biology (Genetics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, M. Sc. (Genetics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Annie Nunis Billy
Head of Biology & Genetic Unit
Gred: Q44 (M)
M. Sc. Entomology (UKM), B. Appl. Sc. Biodiversity Conservation & Management (UMT)
Adam Luke Anak Pugas
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q29
Nik Zuraini binti Nawawi @ Omar
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q29
Mohammad Faisal bin Md Saleh
Head of Resources Assessment Unit
Gred: Q48
Bachelor of Applied Science Conservation and Biodiversity Management, KUSTEM, Postgraduate Certificate-Integrated Coastal Management (ICM), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Pathumthani Thailand, Master of Management Integrated Coastal Zone, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Osman bin Muda
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q32
Kamariah binti Ismail
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q32 (KUP)
Norfaizal Azli bin Mat Nor
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q29
Harun bin Said
Marine Assistant
Gred: A19
Muhammad Amirullah Al-Amin Bin Ayob
Head of Resources Assessment Unit
Gred: Q41
BSc (Hons) in Animal Science
Mohd Saki bin Noor
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q29
Nor Azman bin Zakaria
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q29
Wahab bin Daud
Marine Assistant
Gred: A19
Hamizah Nadia Alias@Yusof
Head of Fishery Oceanography Unit
Gred: Q41
Bachelor of Science (Material Physics) 2010, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Master of Science (Physics) 2015, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Mohd Sukri bin Muda
Lab Assistant
Gred: C19
Noredzuan Hakimi Bin Ghani
Research Assistant
Mohtar bin Taib
Marine Assistant
Gred: A19
Mazalina binti Ali
Head Fishery Resources Management Advisory Section (Special Departmental Coordinator )
Gred: Q48
Diploma in Fisheries, B. Sc. Fisheries (Marine Fisheries), M. Sc. (Aquatic Toxicology)
Rosdi bin Mohd Nor
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q36(M)
Abdul Aziz bin Yusof
Assistant Research Officer
Gred: Q32 (KUP)
Suriyana Binti Yusof
Assistant Librarian
Gred: S38
Norharm binti Abdul Rahim
Assistant IT Officer
Gred: F32 (KUP)
Wan Zainal Abidin bin Wan Musa
Marine Assistant
Gred: A19
Dr. Ahmad AliChief SEAFDEC/MFRDMDaaseafdec[at]seafdec.org.my
Dr. Masaya KatohDeputy Chief SEAFDEC/MFRDMDkatoh[at]seafdec.org.my
Nor Hafiza Binti AbdullahAssistant Administrative Officernhafiza[at]seafdec.org.my
Norwani binti Ab. GhaniSecretary Officenorwani[at]seafdec.org.my
Noor Azlina binti IsmailAdministrative Assistant (P/O)azlina[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Nasir bin Muhammad KasniAssistant Engineermnasir[at]seafdec.org.my
Haryati binti HarunAdministrative Assistant (P/O)haryati[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Fadhli Mat LazimAdministrative Assistant (P/O)fadhli[at]seafdec.org.my
Siti Rohani binti JaafarAdministrative Assistant (P/O)rohani[at]seafdec.org.my
Rosilah binti SeninCustomer Service Officerrosilah[at]seafdec.org.my
Ismail Bin EliasDriverismail[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohamed Rukhemei bin Abdul HamidDriverrukhemei[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Zailu bin SapiayGeneral Assistantzailu[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Shafie bin PakAssistant Operationshafie[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Ridzuwan bin RahimAssistant Accountantridzuwan[at]seafdec.org.my
Noor Sapuralisa binti ZanAdministrative Assistant (Finance)sapuralisa[at]seafdec.org.my
Ahmad Fairuz bin MohamadDriverfairuz[at]seafdec.org.my
Wahidah binti Mohd ArshaadHead of Biology & Resources Assessment Sectionwahidah[at]seafdec.org.my
Annie Nunis BillyHead of Biology & Genetic Unitannie[at]seafdec.org.my
Adam Luke Anak PugasAssistant Research Officeradamlp[at]seafdec.org.my
Nik Zuraini binti Nawawi @ OmarAssistant Research Officerzuraini[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohammad Faisal bin Md SalehHead of Resources Assessment Unitmohd_faisal[at]seafdec.org.my
Osman bin MudaAssistant Research Officerosman[at]seafdec.org.my
Kamariah binti IsmailAssistant Research Officerkamariah[at]seafdec.org.my
Norfaizal Azli bin Mat NorAssistant Research Officerfaizal[at]seafdec.org.my
Harun bin SaidMarine Assistantharun[at]seafdec.org.my
Abd Haris Hilmi Bin Ahmad ArshadHead of Fishery Oceanography and Resources Enhancement Sectionharis_arshad[at]seafdec.org.my
Muhammad Amirullah Al-Amin Bin AyobHead of Resources Assessment Unitamin_ayob@seafdec.org.my
Hamizah Nadia Alias@YusofHead of Fishery Oceanography Unithamizah[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Saki bin NoorAssistant Research Officermsaki[at]seafdec.org.my
Nor Azman bin ZakariaAssistant Research Officerazman[at]seafdec.org.my
Noredzuan Hakimi Bin Ghani Research Assistanthakimi[at]seafdec.org.my
Wahab bin DaudMarine Assistantwahab_daud[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohd Sukri bin MudaLab Assistantsukri[at]seafdec.org.my
Mohtar bin TaibMarine Assistantmohtar[at]seafdec.org.my
Mazalina binti AliHead Fishery Resources Management Advisory Sectionmazalina[at]seafdec.org.my
Rosdi bin Mohd NorAssistant Research Officerrosdi[at]seafdec.org.my
Abdul Aziz bin YusofAssistant Research Officerabdulaziz[at]seafdec.org.my
Suriyana Binti YusofAssistant Librariansuriyana[at]seafdec.org.my
Norharm binti Abdul RahimAssistant IT Officernorharm[at]seafdec.org.my
Wan ZainalAbidin bin Wan MusaMarine Assistantzainal[at]seafdec.org.my