Logical Framework (Logframe) as a planning tool was introduced by Donors (e.g. USAID, GTZ) earlier. In its further development, the tool became known as Project Cycle Management (PCM) in 1993. Since then, PCM has been widely used for project formulation and implementation, particularly by UN Organizations, Donor Agencies and the World Bank.

In the implementation of SEAFDEC’s various project activities in the Southeast Asian region and countries, staff of the SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments as well as Donor-funded Projects have been fully engaged.  For successful project implementation good project design and planning, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation are key components. These also enable the major stakeholders – beneficiaries, implementing organization, partners and the donor agencies, to gain useful lessons from the project.

This staff training is intensive and designed for understanding and refreshing the PCM concepts and fundamentals and for using the PCM – Logframe in the practical sessions during the course. It is expected that the participants are able to use the PCM – logframe in their current and future work, particularly for the formulation and development of future projects.

Resource Person and Facilitator: Mr. Pedro Bueno, former Director-General of NACA and FAO Consultant in Fisheries Management and Planning, will be a resource person and facilitator. He will be assisted by Mr. Masanami Izumi of SEAFDEC during the Training.  They will continue to provide technical support to each staff for further using the PCM – Logframe in the formulation and development of future projects after the training course.